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Block Chain Marketing Products.

Korea's largest number of ICO

Korea's largest marketing experience and
actual ICO Co-founder From consulting to marketing
We can help you.

Social media marketing

We provide consulting and consulting services at all stages,
such as marketing planning, business analysis and review.

Meet Up Marketing

Marketing and promotion
for participation by many people
capable of maximum cost/effectiveness
Planning and marketing

Exchange Marketing

Marketing new exchanges and promotion of
existing exchanges up to date
Here's how to market.

KakaoTalk Marketing

Marketing for operation of Kakao Talk
New and existing SNS operation
Maximize effectiveness with expert operations


Cripto Currency Portfolio

Linker Coin

ICO Marketing and Pounder Engagement

Able Coin

ICO Marketing and SNS Operations

Mir Coin

Participation in ICO marketing, investment and CMO

Sic network

ICO Promotion Marketing


ICO PR marketing, private equity investment, and operations management agency

LittleBee Coin

Managing the ICO Meetup PR agency SNS agency

Fuzex Coin

SNS agency management


People&People History.

  • 2017.8~9

    링커코인 CMO

    ICO Marketing, Marketing Agency, Linkage Coin from September to November 2017
    A total of 30 billion won (KR) in ICO investment
  • March 2018

    MirCoin CMO

    Mir Coin Marketing Progress
    Entire 30 billion won (KR) of investment in ICO


  • Jun 2018

    Able Coin ICO Marketing

    Marketing for Ablecoin Outsourcing

    Able Coin Marketing Agency

  • July 2018

    Six Networks ICO

    Sixt Coin ICO Marketing

  • 2018 Agust
    WDNA ICO Marketing

    ICO Investment, Marketing Agency from September to November 2018.
    A total of 30 billion won (KR) in ICO investment
  • October 2018

    FuzeX Coin

    SNS Operations Management Progress
    The world's first crypto card


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